Feel Like a Rich Saudi Kid Driving on Two Wheels

My little bro texted me recently saying he did a search for Arabic themed smartphone applications. I assume he’s trying to enhance his 5th grade Arabic skills (he’s 27 btw). But what he found was extraordinary! Here is the screenshot he sent me:



When I first saw the screenshot I was captivated by the fact that there was an app for this! I guess I didn’t truly realize how big this niche of motorsports (hold on is driving on two wheels a motorsport or just sheer idiocy?) had gotten. Most silly games I see in the app store have a few reviews, but this had 3027 and mostly all very positive.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about at this point then prepare to be blown away by the kids that do this.

We could go into analyzing why exactly Saudi youth do this kind of thing but let’s just suffice it to say that they have nothing better to do!

So the name of the app is Side Wheel Hero, which is not a 1:1 translation from the Arabic name they have, which literally translates to “The King of Raising”. But you can’t translate Arabic to English in the literal sense so Side Wheel Hero is as good as it’s gonna get.

I couldn’t help myself and ended up downloading the app, which is quite strange for me as I never give in to these types of mindless games, but this one seemed really fun and curiosity had gotten the best of me.

The idea behind the game is that if you continue going down the road on all four wheels, that your vehicle’s energy reserve will get depleted in a matter of 15 seconds or so. However, if you manage to swing the car up and onto two wheels, then you can continue on for as long as you want, collecting points by driving through floating lamps and obtaining +100 points for every one that you pass through.

If you play with it enough you can get the hang of it but the input is quite sensitive so if you turn a hair too much you’ll find the car on it’s side! Which brings me to the best part about the app – the cars!

1. Mercedes Benz G 65 AMG


2. Nissan Navara


3. Nissan Patrol


4. Toyota Hilux


5. Toyota Land Cruiser


6. Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup (Classic)


7. Toyota Land Cruiser SUV (Classic)


Playing Side Wheel Hero is as close to the real thing as I ever want to get. Go ahead, give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments!